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Spring Sprint Tri

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West Jordan,Ut,USA

Member Since:

Jun 14, 2008



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

Started running Dec of 06

5k 20:00 Utah Human Race(08)

10k 41:09 Spectrum 10k (10)  40:31 DesNews 10k(10)

1/2 mary 1:30:36 Bryce Canyon Half(09)

Full 3:33:58 St George (09)

Finishing the Grand Slam 08 and 10

Finished my first sprint tri 1:23:30 (10)

Short-Term Running Goals:

2011 races...

May-  Ogden half (no goals)

Oct- SGM

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run Boston and do a Triathalon(did a tri)

Do a half Ironman and then a full


Married to MrsFit:) and trying to keep up with her. And have 3 girls.

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Avi-Bolt 2 Lifetime Miles: 93.80
Foundation 8e Lifetime Miles: 316.95
Foundation 9a Lifetime Miles: 398.13
Foundation 10a Lifetime Miles: 125.53
Race: Spring Sprint Tri (16 Miles) 01:23:30, Place overall: 82, Place in age division: 16
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

This was my first attempt at doing a tri of any distance.  So it was nice to have it in a pool for the swim and knew the bike course pretty well.  And to help improve on my transition times we scouted out the transition area the night before.  We were able to land what we thought were the prime spots for the race.  And so it worked out really well getting there at 6am.  Tris and duals really reward the early bird.  So got out spots and headed back home.  Since we only live about 2 miles from the race.  The night before we scouted out the run course and found it to be quite a tough hilly course for the first half for sure.  Maybe even the first 2 miles of the 5k.  So it was great to see what we were up against the night before so no surprises. 

Swim- 400 yds 8 laps of 50. 17:36 32/32  OH BOY!!  I was really dreading this.  And how they start this is based on your 100 time.  With 5 different groups.  I opted for the very slowest of them all.  And so was about the 15-20th from the last to get in the pool.  The weather was really cold but warmed up just about the time I got in.  And then it begun....  Got off to a good start I thought.  Till about 15 yds in the guy behind me was already passing me.  Oh man this wasn't going to be the only one.  I had people passing me all the time.  But felt pretty good up till someone would pass me.  Mostly if they touched me or something it just threw me off and I would just do a side swim thing.  So my goal was to try to relax and not use up to much energy because I knew I was going to pass anyone that passed me on the bike and swim.  So I just kept pushing along.  I would rest just a sec at the end of each 50 for 2-3 breaths and off I would go.  Get to the half way and then change over to the side swim thing and then once rested go with the freestyle again.  Worked great.  As I got out of the pool I noticed only like 5 people still in the pool.  Good I wasn't dead last.:)  But I am sure time wise it was close.Oh yeah.  I was dead last in my AG for sure.  This is where I can make the most improvement.  I was able to keep my heart rate down enough to do a good showing in the bike and run though.  Which was what I wanted to save energy for.  And in the process didn't drown.

T1- 1:25 11/32 Bit of a run to get to these one.  So it was a run across grass and such.  I opted to leave my sandals close to the end of the swim and passed like 5 people just getting to the transition.  Felt it was a good change and stuff.  Could still improve on it for sure.  But much better position for sure.  Will have to wait and see from the results when they are posted. Was in the top 1/3 almost.  Improved some in 1 week.

Bike- 12.5/40k 43:20 Avg speed 17.2 5/32. Got on the bike a lot better I think this time.  And my legs and body felt good after the swim.  So at least I hadn't killed myself in the swim.  First 4-5 miles on the bike are all uphill.  Good thing I have ridden it a few times because shifting was right on.  Passed tons and tons of people.  Got them on the up hills and down.  Flats only 5-7 for that 2 mile stretch.  And another ton going back up.  Few more on the fast downhill.  Top speed was 42mph no wind at my back.  So I kept saying to myself.  I got to make up for the swim.  And kept pushing it.  No one passed me on the bike.  One by did try to retake me on the hill while I ate a gu.  But once he came up a bit closer.  I could hear his bike.  Got my water and slammed it into a higher gear.  Poor guy was toast.  Got another 5 rides in that small stretch after the gu.  And raced down.  Tossed it into a higher gear and spun the legs out for the last 2 miles that just flew by.  Chased down a few on that stretch too.  Sweet top 5 on the bike.

T2- 1:03 14/32 This one was perfect positioning so my time here should of been good.  Hopefully a quick exchange and off I went.  Can't wait to see the results again.  Got the results back.  Much much better on this transition.  Well at least in the top half.:)

Run- 5k -20:15 pace 6:32 6/32 in AG.  Ok here we go.  Starts out uphill with a short false flat. This is where I could really see the age of who I was passing.  Since they mark it on your right calf.  First 5 people on the first uphill that I passed 2 where in my AG.  Oh yeah.  That really got me going stronger.  There was a lot of uphills and some flats and quick downhills.  This first one wasn't that bad.  2nd big one was only 1 guy there and the next group of people must of been 10 houses down the block.  My chest was hurting a bit here.  But felt it was going to be a tough 5k pace.  And just pushed through it. Quickly got them on the 2nd steep hill and found another few shark baits there also.  I was feeling strong.  These hills were just punishing though.  But they were suffering more then me I kept saying.  Stay relaxed.  Was a small aid station here so must of been about half way out.  But still 2 hills coming up.  Ran through that aid station.  And passed another 5 people easy.  Took a few more out on the hill and saw up ahead about 5 houses the next set of people.  Here we go down hill.  And I was feeling good and relaxed at this point.  And one of them was a 39 yr old.  That is all the motivation I needed to push it harder.  Caught them before the next turn.  And found more coming up to a small uphill before hitting the grass again.  There was at least 10 people that I could see ahead.  And wanted to pass them up.  They passed me on the swim and it was my turn to pass them all back.  It was tough to kick it up to much on the grass but I was now hitting a really fast pace.  Got passed just about all the ones I think I saw there.  And hit the side walk now with a few sharp turns.  I sure loved my racing flats at this point because my feet felt light and fast.  On the corner right before you enter into the olympic oval some people yelled for me to pass them.  They were 3 guys scattered out right before going in.  And it was enough to get me to push that pace even more.  It was a really cool finishing area.  And I was only able to get one more guy in that last stretch to the finish.  I could hear my wife cheering for me as I finished my first Tri.  It was great to have her there at the finish for me.  Where normally I am there waiting for her or running back to run in with her.  I felt like I could just puke.  I haven't pushed that hard before in a race.  So retreated to the bathrooms and calmed everything down.  It felt so good to finish it and hey I didn't drown.:)  I am looking forward to doing more.  And I was pretty close to the top I think.  But really can't tell till the post all the different times.

For sure though I need to work on my swimming.  I felt really relaxed on it.  Just needing to get in better distance.  Which is right on where I feel I am with my swimming.  Ran into a bunch of people that I have already meet from the Desert Sharks and other duals.  And my buddy Pete that I use to run with in the mornings during the Winter was there.  Of course he beat me pretty good.:)  (Had to of been the swim he was in group 2)

bib number: 196
overall place: 82 out of 278
division place: 16 out of 32
gender place: 69 out of 176
time: 1:23:35
pace: 0:
swim: 17:34  32/32
t1: 1:25 11/32
bike: 43:20 avg speed 17.2 5/32
t2: 1:03 14/32
run: 20:15 Pace 6:32 6/32

Avi-Bolt 2 Miles: 3.10
Night Sleep Time: 8.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.00
From DonGardinero on Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 16:21:48 from

Awesome job, Mark-O!!! You are one tough dude.

From daceg on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 00:21:26 from

Congrats. Getting stronger every time I read your blog. Training is paying off.

From flatlander on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 09:15:07 from

Good report, glad you didn't drown. Interesting that you finished higher on the bike than running. Must have been some fast guys in that race. You are making great progress.

From Andy on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 10:06:42 from

Congrats on your first tri. Great race and report.

From Tom Slick on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 11:01:20 from

Good job markO, I'm sure you already know it but Mrs. Fit was only about 4 minutes behind you. Better watch out!

From vinh on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 11:03:03 from

Great job Mark on your first tri! Nice 5k time, look how close that is to your old PR! I'm sure you are easily sub 20 5k these days.

From Dave S on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 19:58:08 from

Congrats on your first tri! Had to feel great passing all those people that passed you in the swim. I usually do a couple biathlons each year but never tried a tri. Your description of your swim sounds about how I imagine mine would go. Great job!

From timp on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 22:04:38 from

great job on the first Tri! Very nice -

From Brent on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 23:00:19 from

Mark, great job on your first Tri - 500 commando points for all the positive road kill. Hey, those Tris grow on you, fun stuff, with you on the swim, I was second last out at my first Tri. It seems you are on track for an Iron Man, training run as a marathon, very good biker - did not sink to the bottom on the swim. Kool and fun stuff, different kind of competition, you really smoked them on the bike and run.

Stay Kool, B of BS Rools out

From Maynard on Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 23:13:42 from

Good effort there Mark! Yeah, it looks like if you can improve your swimming you'll be right up there towards the top!

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