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West Jordan,Ut,USA

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Jun 14, 2008



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Boston Qualifier

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Started running Dec of 06

5k 20:00 Utah Human Race(08)

10k 41:09 Spectrum 10k (10)  40:31 DesNews 10k(10)

1/2 mary 1:30:36 Bryce Canyon Half(09)

Full 3:33:58 St George (09)

Finishing the Grand Slam 08 and 10

Finished my first sprint tri 1:23:30 (10)

Short-Term Running Goals:

2011 races...

May-  Ogden half (no goals)

Oct- SGM

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run Boston and do a Triathalon(did a tri)

Do a half Ironman and then a full


Married to MrsFit:) and trying to keep up with her. And have 3 girls.

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Avi-Bolt 2 Lifetime Miles: 93.80
Foundation 8e Lifetime Miles: 316.95
Foundation 9a Lifetime Miles: 398.13
Foundation 10a Lifetime Miles: 125.53
Race: WBR Runner 3 (10.5 Miles) 29:33:00
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Ran with the same team as last year.  With some changes to the course and team.  We lost a few and gained a few new people.  And it was still a blast.  Last year I ran in van 2 runner 10 in the mens van.  This year I was runner 3 and in the womens van.  Since my wife was going to come and be in the support van behind us.  Which was great.  I was able to see the other side of the course this time with all the new changes to the course too.  The name of our team is Road Crew 276.  I was with Kathie, Kimmie, Vivianne, Christy, Adrieanne and me.  It is a pretty solid team.  Not fast but we were getting it done.  So for my report will break this race up into 3 parts with 2 parts on this day and one tomorrow.  We meet up at Kathie's place early Fri morning at 8:30.  Our start time was 11:45am and we got up to start at 11am.  And I was already ready amped to get this race going.  This is one of my favorite ones to do.  I was hoping to catch up with Jeffc but would much later in the race.  With his start time a bit later then us.  11:45 goes off and runner 1 was off.  Fast forwarding to my leg now.

Leg 3 2:00pm 4.9 distance hot and a headwind.

Plan was to run this in the 7s which didnt really work as well as planned.  Started out running a bit faster then I should and didnt get warmed up right to start so fast.  Which I would change later.  My goal also was to pass as many people as I could and not get passed.  So first person I could see was about .25 away and just starting up a hill.  So I head off after them man was that hill a fast rude awakening to what was ahead.  It wasnt to hilly for this leg.  But that first one I sure attacked it way to fast and hard.  By mile 2 I had caught 2 people and was zoning in on 2 more that I would catch in that mile.  Then I started to drop in pace with the headwind and heat.  Wow was that just a wake up call to me.  I was able to catch a few more with a total of 7 road kills in that leg.  I felt I went out to fast and didnt warm up good enough to finish strong like I wanted and the times faultered later into this leg of the race.  Felt it was still a good run and I was happy for it.  My road crew was awesome for it.  With the wife all over the water stops and my van cheering me on.  So here is the splits.

Mile 1 7:21 bit fast and that hill.

Mile 2 7:11

Mile 3 7:42

Mile 4 8:05

Mile 5 8:27

Mile 6 8:18 Didnt catch the girl that just beat me in.  Was spent by the end of this one.

TT 43:40 AP 7:49 total distance 5.61 Ranked Moderate Difficulty

Leg 15 10:59PM slight wind perfect weather for a run.  Gentle uphill climb for most of it.

Goal changed from last leg to this one.  This time I was going to warm up and then after the half way decide to push it up or maintain the pace.  And of course to get road kills and not become one myself.  This one I was lucky to catch my first 3 road kills in the first mile.  It was a nice and easy pace.  And was going to just go off of maintaining a constant effort since after about the first mile it became a long uphill climb.  Not steep or anything just uphill.  So stuck with the 70-80% effort.  And it was alot better.  I got eyed by a few cats on the side of the road.  And besides that was quite uneventful.  After I would catch someone I would barely be able to see someone up ahead and work towards catching them.  Yet maintaining my effort the same.  It worked great.  I felt really great at the end of this one.  Also another great highlight to this one.  Was on Kimmie's leg Jeffc had caught up to us and his time with there start time at 1:30pm they were hauling.  He chatted for a sec as he prepared for his leg and then was off.  I was able to cheer him on as he was about 1.6 to 2 miles ahead of Kathie.  It was a mean hill climb for them.  K so back to my leg 15 report.  Felt really good with the results of that leg.  I had 7 road kills and no one passed me.  Here are the splits.

Mile 1 7:58

Mile 2 7:43

Mile 3 7:35

Mile 4 7:33

Mile 5 7:28

Mile 6 6:30

TT 38:38 AP 7:39 Total Distance 5.05 Ranked Moderate difficulty

After we finished up we raced back to Kathie's beautiful cabin and crashed for about 2-3 hrs.  At 6:30 when the sun was coming up I felt good and suprisingly refreshed and ready to take on my last and hardest leg

Foundation 8a Miles: 5.00Foundation 8b(newer) Miles: 5.50
Night Sleep Time: 7.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.00
From Teena on Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 09:53:49 from

Still need to read the report, but quickly want to say:


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